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Roof Restoration

AcraTex Cool Roof Residential BrochureYour roof protects your home & family from the ever changing & often harsh weather conditions that we have in Adelaide. It makes good sense to undertake roof repairs or a full roof restoration. A beautiful roof ensures safety, power savings and not least announces who you are to the world by dramatically improving the appearance of your home. We only use the most technologically advanced roofing supplies to restore and protect your roof, giving greater protection from the sun, rain and wind than your original roof. You save on energy use by reducing the heat in the inside of your home in summer and keeping you better insulated in winter. This has the additional effect of ensuring longer lasting roofing tiles or metal roofing.

A roof accounts for around 40% of the overall value of your home, so a roof restoration with premium roofing materials is a great way to improve the look and value of your home.

A restored roof coated with a roof paint and  membrane such as Dulux Acratex Cool Roof reflects the heat, making your home more comfortable and easier to keep cool, AND cutting the cost of your heating and cooling.

We Start With a Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Our thorough roof inspection will make sure that nothing that could effect the performance of you roof is missed. Experienced experts will work with you to bring you the best solution for your roof – on budget.

A correctly performed roof restoration now will save you money in the long run.

Roof Repairs Adelaide and Suburbs

We undertake all the roof repairs and maintenance needs for your roof:

  • Roof seal,
  • roof flashing,
  • roof cleaning,
  • roof painting,
  • replacement roof sheeting (including colourbond roofing),
  • gutter repairs,
  • leaking roof repairs,
  • roof tiling repairs,
  • roof pointing.

Roof Replacement

We will also undertake a full roof replacement. We have over 35 years industry experience and pay particular attention to energy efficiency and environmentally safe products. We believe we offer the highest quality, most modern roof restoration. Give us a call today for as free no obligation inspection:

 1300 806 908

Roof Coating.

brochure-cool-roofThe best way to get a roof that looks and performs as though it is brand new is to have it coated with the new Dulux ACratex Roof Membrane. Look at the benefits:

  • Quick and Easy to Apply.
  • Hard wearing.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Great Range of stunning colours.
  • Reduced dirt retention.
  • Ads value to your home.
  • Creates a stunning finish to match your home.

The next generation in roof coatings is here. The new Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane formulation takes roof painters to a whole new level offering better looking, longer lasting results.

Roof Membrane

Roof Membrane Next Generation Technology is easier to apply giving you want – a great finish that lasts longer, backed by Dulux.

High Build – Enhanced Application. High build doesn’t have to mean hard to apply. Working with our applicators we have improved the application properties to provide a protective membrane product that applies like conventional products so it looks great on Tile or Metal roofs. Advanced Polymer Cross Linking Technology. It creates a harder more durable surface for longer lasting gloss and reduced dirt retention. Better Results. Roofs are under maximum attack from the elements, Next Generation means easier application, better gloss and less chalking so colours stay fresher and the finish stays looking good for longer. Protect your biggest investment. The professionally applied Roof Membrane Next Generation System is designed to restore your roof and improve the appearance of your home.

Ultimate Roof Protection.

  • With Dulux® Confidence and Performance
  • High Build Membrane Barrier Protection
  • Choice of Conventional or InfraCOOL® colour
  • Installed by Registered Roofing Professionals
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