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Natural Insulation for Roof Insulation

Star Rating Solutions can supply and fit natural insulation for roof insulation to either you home or business, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, so that you can enjoy a more comfortable environment all year round. We provide high quality, allergy free, environmentally friendly, insulating materials that are extremely effective and long lasting.

Home Insulation

With over 20 years experience in supplying insulation to South Australian homes, we know how to insulate your home or business so that, not only will you be comfortable, but your home or business will be more energy efficient. We have available both the award winning Supacell insulation or Superbatts, which means we can efficiently handle small jobs up to the biggest job. Both these forms of ceiling insulation are full featured thermal insulation award winners created with environmentally friendly natural products.


  • Made completely from recycled natural materials.
  • Unlimited lifetime performance guarantee.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Vermin and insect resistant.
  • Unique composition allowing complete cover with no gaps.
  • People friendly: non toxic and non allergenic.
  • Locally manufactured and installed by quality tradesmen.

Removing Old Insulation Batts and other Ceiling Insulation

Most home owners now believe that is better, cleaner and more environmentally friendly to insulate your home or business with natural insulation. Many homes have been insulated with poor quality, unhealthy and even unsafe insulation that has often been poorly installed. In some cases these products are very dangerous and need to be inspected by trained and experienced professionals. We can inspect your current ceiling insulation and assess the nature of the product used and the quality of the installation. Following this inspection we can recommend a course of action, which can include the safe removal of any unsuitable products and clean up of the area to ensure it is safe and healthy. See this Home Safety Information Link from SA Metropolitan Fire Service ~ VIEW PDF […] We supply only natural insulation that is certified to Australian Standards.

“Home ceiling insulation in the form of loose fill, batts or foil sheets is laid on top of the ceiling, to reduce the flow of heat into or out of a room through the ceiling.  If not installed correctly, ceiling insulation can cause house fires, and create electrocution hazards.” Govt Link

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Supacell Roof Insulation Supacell is recycled insulation to give excellent thermal control. Supacell is created with natural Boric and Borax for a fluffy substance with superior insulation qualities. Non toxic, Class 1 Flame Spread (highest rating) and insect protected with noise reduction up to 9 decibe